Typical Number in Hospital: 40 Cost Bands: 3,4 References:

Very accurate flow rates of intravenous fluids may be delivered by passing the fluid through a bi-directional motor-driven syringe (a cassette unit). The cassette is a disposable element which fits on to a drive shaft or other mechanism and connects into the giving set tube. Fluid is drawn into one side of the cassette while the other side of the plunger is discharging through the intravenous cannula. These are used throughout the hospital, particularly in intensive care areas. The advantage of these types of devices over peristaltic pumps, or over infusion controllers, is that there can be no error due to incorrect placement or malfunction of the drop counting detector. They do however require alarm circuitry to detect excessive back pressure, or the presence of air in the giving set when the reservoir bag is exhausted.

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