Typical Number in Hospital: 50 Cost Bands: 2 References: 4

A motorized syringe is often used to maintain a constant slow infusion of a drug. These normally take standard disposable syringes on a rack which is driven by a worm drive coupled to a gearbox and motor, or directly to a stepping motor. These usually work from the mains electricity supply but may also be battery operated or clockwork. The battery and clockwork types can usually be made small enough to be carried by the patient in a special pocket or holster, in cases where slow infusion is required over a long period.

Some machines have two syringes mounted on them so that one is filling while the other is discharging, and there is a valve arrangement to allow changeover. Although these are relatively simple devices, they may be unsuitable for some tasks because of unsatisfactory drive compliance, jerking of the syringe as the plunger is pressed, or applying excessive pressures when there is a blockage. Some types lack adequate alarm circuits.

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